Monday, January 5, 2015

What the #%<¥...........lets get going.

Let me explain who I am and what this blog is about.

My name is Allan, I'm an adventureist (sort of), an experimentalist (sort of), definitely an all-round good  fellow...well, I am writing this myself!

I was living a good life in rural France, I had a routine that suited me, I was happy.  I believed that would continue for ever when a personal catastrophe hit me.  My wife died very suddenly with no warning, I was pulled into a downward spiral that saw me living life in a rut.  I couldn't see how I would escape. It just wasn't in our plan when we moved to France from the UK.  If there was a plan it was more likely that I would be first to leave this planet.. After the initial devastation of it and the weeks of feeling a crazy range of emotions I got my self into the rut where I got through the day with little or no contact with the world around me.

 Now routines are not bad; most of us have them generally forced on us by the fact that we have to work, however ruts are bad, really bad.  You get stuck in one of those bad boys and life can be a drudge.  As I said I was in one so deep you would need a ladder to get out.

What was my ladder?

The blogs that I will be posting will show that if you open your mind to new ideas, experiment, seek adventure, ruts and even routines will be a thing of the past.

I won't be asking you to find God, though you might find a god, I won't be asking you to lose weight, though you might. This is not about dieting, doing yoga, jogging 10 miles a day, though all these things you might want to do.  It's about opening your mind to new things, new adventures--the sort of thing that you always wanted to do but didn't. The things that you were too scared to do.

So hang on tight and enjoy the ride!


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  2. I so appreciate and enjoy your courage and sense of adventure. I'm thrilled to be taking the ride with you!

  3. Hello Allan! I excited to read about your adventures, and Mr. and I are very glad that those adventures brought you our way! Ride on, friend!

    1. Many thanks for all the help you gave me in setting my blog up.